LinkLine Green Software SolutionLinkLinePlus is Bashen’s patented diversity tracking “SaaS” application. LinkLinePlus provides an automated, web-based system for diversity tracking, trending, and reporting (U.S. Patent No. 6,985,922,B). LinkLinePlus enables employers to effectively manage their diversity initiatives by centralizing and streamlining the entire inclusion process, while facilitating paperless communication with electronic files. LinkLinePlus reduces the time and expense companies previously incurred to manage diversty tracking. Virtual workbooks and files provide an array of tools and process efficiencies enabling worldwide, web-based access to the entire diversity process.

Diversity Advisory supports the needs of an organization by offering an efficient solution to collecting, organizing, storing and analyzing data, and generating reports. Through LinkLinePlus, we combine both quantitative and qualitative methods into an integrated platform that allows easy data collection, analysis and presentation of the results. LinkLinePlus is leveraged to improve communication efficiency and effectiveness for fact finding meetings, focus groups and surveys. LinkLinePlus also empowers organizations with the ability to conduct a full analysis, report findings and provide recommendations for improvement.

Diversity Advisory employs information technology based solutions that help clients develop and implement EEO and diversity strategies and initiatives that promote best workplace practices. Drawing on years of EEO and employee relations experience, Bashen is the only EEO compliance vendor that provides patented EEO claims management software as part of its services. LinkLinePlus is MD-110 and 29 CFR 1614 compliant. In addition, LinkLinePlus is used by federal agencies to collect data necessary for the completion of MD-715 tables, No Fear reports and Form 462.

Diversity Advisory’s suite of products (LinkLinePlus, EEOFedLink, eeoComply, EEOLink and AAPLink) is designed to provide an extremely affordable cost of “ownership” and is easily used and accessed by customers from any location in the world.

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AAPLinkAAPLink is Bashen’s software that facilitates OFCCP compliance through Affirmative Action Plan preparation, implementation and consultation services. AAPLink is a Software as a Service (“SaaS”), an automated, web-based application that makes the AAP development and administration process possible while you are connected to the AAP Advisory Team. AAPLink will effectively prepare and implement your AAPs by centralizing the entire process.

Features include:

  • User Accounts with Custom Access
  • User-Friendly Features
  • Customized Timelines
  • Step-by-Step Guidance for AAP Preparation
  • Automated Alerts
  • Secure Data Importation
  • Data Analysis
  • Auditing and Monitoring Services
  • Integrated Charts and Graphs
  • Consulting Services
  • Training Modules and Videos
  • Searchable AAP Database
  • Bashen’s Diversity Recruiting Initiatives
  • Worldwide 24-Hour Access
  • AAPLink uses the accessibility of the Internet for AAP preparation and implementation. LinkPAD (Procurement and Analyzing Data), a virtual service provided through AAPLink, provides an array of tools and process efficiencies that enable worldwide, web-based access to the entire AAP development and administrative process. Users centralize all AAP data and transmit correspondence in a completely virtual environment. AAPLink enables users to import/export data in electronic file format. AAPLink streamlines the AAP process management with the integration of detailed Activity Logs, Automated Alerts, Timelines, Monitoring and Auditing Reports and more. MyAAP, a customizable data filtration and powerful search engine, provides users with their previous AAPs instantly. AAPLink will reduce your AAP preparation time and simplify the entire AAP process by providing you with an effortless and secure web-based application.

    Forget outdated, time consuming AAP Planning. AAPLink’s Affirmative Action planning process performs the work in a fraction of the time and cost. AAPLink‘s strategic planning process involves all aspects of Affirmative Action Plan preparation and design (data gathering, analysis, maintenance and AAP Development), which produces a plan with quantifiable results and objectives. Your Affirmative Action Plan will launch the diversity framework and goal setting priorities for the AAP year. AAPLink is:

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    Patented Green Software Solutions

    Green Terchnology

    Each application that comprises Bashen’s Green Technology Suite shares one component: case document management. Case documents are stored electronically, thereby reducing the amount of paper usually required to work a case. So just what are the Green Savings? The Paper Industry Association Counsel states:

  • The average office worker prints 10,000 sheets of paper per year
  • 1,410 of those sheets are “wasted” at an average cost of 6 cents per sheet
  • Only 56 percent of discarded paper was recycled in 2007
  • Related paper expenses include:

  • Cost of the paper
  • Ink and toner - Did you know that printer ink is one of the most expensive fluids on Earth?
  • Printers
  • Even with disposables, these are still a major investment
  • Consider the cost of disposal when printers fail
  • Are printers recycled? Most printers are plastic
  • Fuel, time and pollution to haul away
  • Maintenance cost
  • Enhanced security measures for bulk storage or disposal of paper
  • Time lost while waiting on print jobs
  • Cost savings include:

  • Less fuel is used to cut, haul and process trees
  • Less pollution is generated from manufacturing
  • Less paper has to be produced
  • Less paper has to be purchased
  • Fewer printers have to be bought and maintained
  • Paper disposal systems are reduced or eliminated
  • File storage space is greatly reduced
  • Green Technology LeafYou will notice that we use a dark background and color scheme for this site. This was an intentional Green choice. As hard as it may be to believe, it takes a significant amount of electricity for the monitor to create white or brighter colors. By using a dark scheme, we are saving electricity for every visitor to our site.

    Software as a Service (SaaS) is defined as a model or method of software deployment that is accessed by users across the Internet. The SaaS model saves the customer money by freeing customers from the cost of installing the application software on their own computers, thereby also reducing the burden and costs associated with software maintenance, installation, configuration, and ongoing operations and support.

    Bashen’s suite of products, which includes our flagship application LinkLine®, is designed to provide an extremely affordable cost of “ownership” and is easily used and accessed by customers from any location in the world. We are constantly developing new applications and functionality in addition to our existing applications. By utilizing SaaS we can bring improvements to our clients much more quickly than has traditionally been possible with enterprise applications. We plan our updates in terms of weeks instead of months or years.

    Bashen Growing GreenIt is no secret that SaaS is generating tremendous interest and enthusiasm among many customers for its performance and easy use. Unlike clientserver applications, SaaS delivers a faster return on investment, as well as easier implementation and user acclimation.

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