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We realize that the way to achieve greatness within an organization is through diversity in recruitment and inclusion of the most talented individuals through that process.

Research and Invigorate are the Diversity Advisory's methodologies on diversity consulting. We believe it is crucial for an organization to take a long look at the cold hard numbers to establish just how diverse it really is. The Diversity Advisory has proven tactics to get your most precise metrics allowing you to better evaluate your organization's recruitment and retention of qualified yet diverse candidates.

I.D.E.A.L.™ Assessment Model


Diversity &

At Diversity Advisory, our vision is for people of all backgrounds to have a voice in shaping the direction of their own lives as well as the future of their organizations. To that end, we have developed a comprehensive strategy for conducting workplace assessments from our many years of EEO, AAP and diversity management experience. Our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Assessment Links (“IDEAL”) model comprises seven components to assess how effective an organization is at managing and capitalizing on diversity. We utilize a research-informed and practical model, clear processes and a systematic framework to create real and tangible benefits aligned with our clients’ intentions and the needs of the organization. We believe in actively involving our clients in the planning, assessment, and implementation of our projects.

Utilizing the IDEAL model, Diversity Advisory will achieve the objectives outlined by an organization. The seven-component IDEAL process is as follows: 1) LinkLine®, our automated, web-based application, 2) requests for data/information, 3) fact finding meetings, 4) focus groups, 5) surveys, 6) workforce study, and 7) reporting. We will gather, analyze and present data that required to make informed, strategic decisions to help the organization to improve its diversity and inclusion practices.

Diversity Advisory’s seven-component approach is described in greater detail in the next sections. These activities have significant overlap and support one another, both in design and implementation as well as their contributions to outcomes in the short term and the organization’s future progress.

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Diversity Boot Camp

D-UP! Diversity Bootcamp - Earn Your Rank!
Diversity Boot Camp G.O.A.L.


Phase I

  • Forming new diversity recruits through total immersion in core values and history
  • Instilling discipline
  • Breaking past tendencies and mindsets
  • (“High and Tight” hair cuts are optional)
  • Phase II

  • Rigorous field skills training
  • Implementation strategies
  • Learning survival skills in a changing world
  • (Hand-to-hand combat training is optional)
  • Phase III

  • Basic diversity warrior skills tested are tested during the Crucible
  • Knowledge is evaluated by Drill Instructor
  • Graduation
  • (“Semper Fi” tattoo on forearm is optional)
  • “Believe, Lead, Succeed!”

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    Diversity SWOT

    Diversity SWOT Analysis

    Pushing it to the limit with a complete diversity and inclusion initiative overhaul! We start with a comprehensive Diversity SWOT Analysis and quantify your big picture when it comes to your inclusion and retention process. The Diversity Advisory team will outline your weaknesses while highlighting your strengths and accomplishments in the diversity arena; helping your HR department to foster a more positive environment for all employees through mentoring and training programs.

    Our DiversitySWOT will facilitate the assessment process meeting the following objectives:

    • Analyze the current state of diversity and inclusion within the organization
    • Enable a true and accurate picture of your organization’s systems, policies, practices etc.
    • Determine values, norms, practices and policies that help or hinder diversity and inclusion in the organization
    • Identify efforts that are successful and that should be sustained
    • Identify areas where the organization is weak and opportunities for improvement
    • Identify concerns and perceptions experienced within particular populations
    • Identify programs and areas where there may be gaps, and
    • Develop report findings and recommendations.

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    Diversity Rocks!

    Diversity Rocks!

    One word ... RE-ENERGIZE! If your organization is already active in the quest for a more diverse workplace but it feels like the movement is running out of steam, the Diversity Rocks! program is geared specifically for you! Get your managers and staff excited about their ever-diversifying workforce!

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    Generations Apart

    Gnerations Apart

    The Generations Apart program examines the various generational issues affecting relationships and productivity in the workplace. The differences are always intriguing, often confusing, and occasionally exasperating. This workshop will help company representatives understand and effectively manage the generational differences.

    Our attitudes, language, actions, ideas, practices and perspectives are profoundly influenced by the cultural values and mores developed during our youth. Understanding one another is integral to an organization’s success. The savvy modern manager understands this and creates a work environment that is equally appealing to Generation X, Generation Y, and the Boomers. It is a delicate balance indeed! The “one size fits all” model is long gone.

    Boomers are hardworking, independent, loyal, competitive, result oriented, and they will not hesitate to challenge anything they view as stupid. They often loathe or do not understand members of Generation X and Y, whom they perceive as disloyal slackers. They want every one to stop whining and start producing, you big baby.

    Members of Generation X have a general contempt for authority figures and anything they perceive as micro-management. They will leave one job for better opportunities at another job, and they will repeat this pattern throughout their careers. They want the Boomers to be more flexible, man.

    Members of Generation Y want everyone to just chill, dude. They covet attention and praise, love to be part of teams, and prefer a job that provides a better work/life balance. Family and friends are usually more important than chasing the “Big Bucks.” They are open to constructive criticism and want feedback so they can achieve collective goals. They are also keenly aware of their influence in the workforce, which is derived, in part, from their ever-increasing numbers and curiosity. How do they know so much? Because they are technology whizzes who are plugged-in 24/7.

    The reality is that Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y need each other to succeed in the modern workforce.

    The Generations Apart program addresses:

    • The current and future state of the workplace and how characteristics of generational personalities affect the human capital within an organization.
    • The challenges agencies face in developing programs and processes to optimize their employee potential by understanding the unique qualities of each generation.
    • The best practices that enable an organization to maximize the talent of each group.
    • How to leverage the experience and talent of each individual to create a productive work environment.

    Generations Apart provides an entertaining and informative presentation of generational music; personal experiences; historical statistics; iconic figures; and mainstream media campaigns. Employees will establish a better understanding of themselves, their colleagues, as well as their family and friends!

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